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4 Health-boosting nutrients to try post-period


Nourishing your body before and after your period is so important. Health-boosting nutrients help keep your energy levels up.

We spoke to Christine Pausewang, Biocol labs partner, about her top 4 post-period health-boosting nutrients. Biocol labs is the post-chemical pharmacy, creating plant-based health essentials for the modern men and women, which traditional healthcare doesn’t provide.

Post-period lowdown:

“Post-period is probably the best time of the month! No lows, no pain and no mood swings. It’s the “spring of the cycle” – a new beginning.But coming out of a body “construction site” and getting into recovery mood, there are some things to take into consideration when it comes to nutrients. The monthly period is challenging work for the body and it can make you feel tired and low in energy the first days after the period.
To get back in top form and refuel on what was lost, here are my top 4 nutrients to stock up on post-period:



The loss of blood during the monthly period is the main cause of the comparatively high iron demand in women. This is about 50% higher in women than in men. Therefore, compared to men, women need to consume more iron and are more at risk of developing an iron deficiency. Several studies have shown that a high percentage of woman in Europe are iron deficient during and post-period. Iron deficiency is often associated with feeling tired, irritable and unable to focus. Especially if you suffer from heavy menstruation, make sure to supplement or eat foods rich in iron such as spinach, legumes or shellfish.


Folic Acid:

Folic acid is essential for normal cell development. It is sometimes referred to as vitamin B9 or vitamin B11. Folic acid is involved in a number of important metabolic and growth processes. Without sufficient folic acid, there is a risk of damage in the development of blood, cells and DNA – the genetic material. A lack of folic acid might also result in low energy and fatigue. During our period, folic acid gets lost. Make sure you get enough foods rich in folic acid, such as green leaves, beans or bananas.


Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is needed for the absorption of iron in the body. Through the loss of blood, vitamin C is also lost. Vitamin C does not only help with the absorption of iron but will also help with tiredness and fatigue post-period. Start the day with a glass of warm water and fresh lemon juice and fill up with lots of veggies and fruits throughout the day.



B vitamins are crucial post-period and can help you get back on track quickly, mentally and physically. If you are on the pill, your body needs even more B vitamins. The pill can deplete you from vitamins, especially vitamin B and C.  Women who use a hormonal contraceptive method should, therefore, pay more attention to the intake of B vitamins. B12 is a vitamin which many of us lack, especially if you are vegan. During your menstruation, this is a key nutrient to help with the building of new blood cells. How can you get B vitamins? You find B vitamins in fish,  spinach, mushrooms and eggs.

Thanks to Christina Pausewang for providing this useful information! Remember, nourish your body pre and post-period to feel your best throughout your cycle. You can follow Biocol labs here.
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