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12 women explain why they switched to organic period care


Whether it’s for the health benefits, to be kinder to the environment or to go cruelty-free, there are so many reasons people choose to make the switch to organic period care. We spoke to 12 of our customers to find out why they decided to make the switch to organic.

Despite periods being natural, there is an outdated taboo that surrounds them. The problem with this taboo is that we face challenges when it comes to our menstrual health and wellness. One of these challenges we face is the presence of period products with unknown ingredients. The FDA regulates tampons and pads as medical devices and as a result, manufacturers do not need to disclose their ingredients. But, with the vagina being one of the most absorbent parts of the body, people are waking up and paying attention to what they are using on their period.

People are changing their buying habits and organic cotton is increasing in demand. Let’s find out why people chose to make the switch to organic period care…



“I began to read up on plastic alternatives because of the devastating effects plastic has on the environment. But then I read about the effects it has on our bodies and so I decided to switch my sanitary products. Not only for the benefit of the environment but for myself as well.”



“I’m starting a slow but sure plastic free adventure and loved the idea of biodegradable sanitary products! Also, the fact they don’t include any harsh chemicals is amazing.”



“I have often suffered with discomfort and pain when using other brands and after trying your product I never thought twice about changing back.”



“Since my daughter was born last November, it has become increasingly important to me to reduce the toxins in our lives for the sake of our wellbeing. I am also acutely aware of the impact we humans have on our planet, a planet that I want my daughter to be able to enjoy in all it’s green glory for years to come. So switching to ethical, biodegradable sanitary products was a no-brainer!”



“I was very aware that I was putting a lot of trust in products that I knew very little about in terms of ingredients etc.”



“I wanted to make sure I was using the safest product for myself as well as the planet! I feel so comfortable and a lot less stressed about my periods now I have made the switch.”



“I never knew that other mainstream products weren’t vegan and didn’t associate vegan things with anything other than food!! I never dreamed that sanitary products would be tested on animals which I obviously hate! I also find the material of mainstream products can be irritating to my skin so cotton and organic sounded amazing”



“With sensitive skin, I’d already switched most of my skin and hair care products to vegan, plant-based, non-animal cruelty products…It took a while longer for me to consider the chemicals and processes used in sanitary products – it’s harder to make a change from brands you’ve always grown up with. But I’m so glad TOTM came along. I had to use my first batch whilst on holiday and I was so paranoid they wouldn’t be as good, but if anything I found them even better. The environmental benefits are a bonus.”



“I have sensitive skin and that means that tampons and pads are often irritating.”



“I chose to switch because I was experiencing with discomfort with normal tampons and didn’t enjoy wearing pads in the day all the time.”



“I’ve experienced progressively worse problems with using the usual products; sore/dryness, discomfort etc. I’ve been completely trapped into thinking it’s just something you have to deal with as a woman, but after reading about and using TOTM products I’ve started to see that a little more care and thought is essential in period products.”



“Having a lot of allergies with my skin in general & irritation & pain from mainstream tampons, I wanted to see if it would make a difference.”

You can read some customer #SwitchStories here and here. Have you recently made the switch to organic period care? We’d love to hear about your experience! Tweet us @totmorganic or let us know in the comments below!

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