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10 tips to take care of your pubic hair

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Whether you wax, shave or let it grow, it’s important to care for your pubic hair and the delicate skin in the pubic area.

Shaving and waxing can irritate the skin area leading to ingrown hairs, dryness and even rashing! All of which are uncomfortable and your underwear can irritate this further. We spoke to the team at FUR to get their top tips to maintain this area.

10 tips to care for your pubic hair (and skin)


Keep your pores clear by gently exfoliating any dead skin around the pubic area with a dry brush or a rough washcloth — Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate comes with an exfoliating mitt perfect for exfoliating smaller areas.

Condition and soothe

For a deep condition, try taking a hot bath and putting a few droppers’ worth of Fur Oil in it. A soak in the hydrating tea tree and jojoba oils will soothe your skin and soften your hair and skin all over your body.

Need extra conditioner?

If you have extra time to pamper yourself, try an all-natural deep conditioner on your pubic hair for silky results.

Choose your underwear wisely

Keep your mesh or silk lingerie for special occasions, and leave them at home when you hit the gym – a more breathable fabric like organic cotton helps prevent irritation.

Trim with clean tools

If you trim at home, make sure you clean your tools regularly to prevent bacteria build-up.

Soften before shaving

When trimming or shaving, always make sure you soften the skin first with hot water and shaving cream. Never try shaving dry skin.

Prevent infection

If you happen to nick yourself shaving or waxing, be careful to make sure the spot stays clean and bacteria free; that area is more prone to infection.

Careful when waxing or lasering

If you choose to groom your pubic hair via waxing or lasering, make sure your skin isn’t left raw. Don’t go over the same area more than twice when waxing, and always follow a hydrating regimen afterwards to protect the delicate skin.

Ditch the fragrance

If you choose to groom your pubic hair via waxing or lasering, don’t use fragranced moisturisers. These are full of chemicals that can irritate the already sensitive skin. For a good moisturiser without the harsh chemicals, try Stubble Cream.

Keep it personal

How you choose to groom is a personal choice. Make the right choice based on the type of skin and hair you have, and not on whatever style is “trending.” What’s right for someone else’s pubes may not be right for you!

And there you have it! A few tips to keep your pubic area soft and irritation free. Thanks to FUR to giving us the low-down. Have any of these tips got you thinking? Drop us a comment below or tweet us @totmorganic. For similar reading, catch up on our brave or shave blog where we discuss grooming standards and society attitudes towards pubic hair.

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