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The number of ingredients in a TOTM tampon.


Did you know that the lining of the vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of the body? This means when it comes to buying tampons, pads and liners it’s REALLY important to consider what you use.

You may think that your tampons, pads and liners are already made of cotton, but most of the time this simply isn’t the case. Many mainstream tampons have been bleached and dyed, can contain perfumes, surfactants and many unknown finishing agents. And your pad can contain as much plastic as a carrier bag.

None of these things have any business being near your vagina. This is why we are commited to using 100% pure organic cotton.

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We can’t speak for others but you can be safe in the knowledge that TOTM products are:

  • Made from non-GM organic cotton
  • 100% free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, perfume and chlorine bleach
  • 100% hypoallergenic and compatible with your bodies natural PH
  • TOTM tampons won’t leave any fibres behind (thanks to the hypoallergenic veil that protects the absorbent core)

Some of our customer stories

Customer 1

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"I didn’t realise that some major companies use harsh chemicals, bleaches and pesticides which can affect your hormones, immune system and are even linked to cancer. I had a look at their website, through the product range and came across the option to create a subscription. I’m all for little life hacks that make life that tiny bit easier."

Customer 2

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"Speaking to others with endometriosis, tampons seem to be very painful for the majority of ladies. Some also found that chemicals in the mainstream tampons caused further aggravation and that organic cotton, unscented tampons were a better solution."

Customer 3

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"I noticed that several people were questioning what difference going organic really made and whether it was worth the extra cost. Up until the birth of my son, I would most definitely have been one of those cynics, but for me, having made the switch to organic, the answer is “YES, it is definitely worth it!” and that the difference is huge."