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Ways to save on period care during the cost-of-living crisis 

TOTM Cardboard Applicator Tampons To Go With Tips On How To Save On Period Care

We’re sharing a load of ways that you can save on period care and access free products during the cost-of-living crisis💗

Like many of us at the moment, you may be looking for ways to save on period care as well as other products or services. The cost of living crisis is squeezing household budgets and having a big effect on day to day life. Everyday essentials are becoming harder to afford, including period care. A recent study by Plan International discovered that 1 in 4 young women are struggling to afford period products since the start of 2022. 

In this blog, we’re looking at ways you can save on period care and how you can also take steps to support others if you’re able to.  

Buy on offer to save on period care 

You can save on period care by shopping when it is on offer. Supermarkets and high-street retailers frequently run promos so you can save on your period care products. Our products often go on promo in supermarkets and stores that list our range. Find us in Tesco, Morrisons, M&S, Ocado and Superdrug.

When you shop with us directly, you can get 20% off your first order. For ongoing savings, you can get 10% off every order when you subscribe to get repeat deliveries every 3 months. Don’t let the thought of a subscription put you off – there’s no long-term commitment. You can skip, edit, pause or cancel whenever you need to!  

Choose to bulk-buy your period care  

Another way to get your period care for less is by buying in bulk. If you’re loyal to a particular brand or product, then this can be a smart move. You’ll not only save money but you’ll also be prepared for your next period in advance. If you’re loving our organic cotton range, we offer ‘Power Packs’ on our website. These include 12 boxes of your favourite TOTM product discounted by £5. 

Try a reusable period care product  

Reusable period care is kind to the planet and can offer a big cost saving! Menstrual cups are a zero-waste option with the biggest cost save. You only need 1 menstrual cup and can reuse this in place of disposable products on your period for many years. If you’re new to cups, check out this a handy guide which has plenty of tips to help with making the switch. 

If cups are not for you, then you can also get reusable pads, reusable period pants and even a reusable tampon applicator . Reusable tampon applicators can offer a saving as non-applicator tampon are typically cheaper than applicator tampons. 

Top tip – Do your research and look for a quality reusable product. You want to ensure this can be reused for years to enjoy a cost-saving. To save on period care by going for a reusable, take note of the materials used and where it is made. For safety and quality, look for trusted brands and read reviews.

The initial up-front cost can make it challenging to invest in a quality reusable if you’re struggling financially. We therefore recommend to scope out your chosen product and shop when on offer. You can pick now up reusable period products in supermarkets and high-street retailers across the UK, and these will often be on offer. You can find our menstrual cup in Tesco, Morrisons and Superdrug. 

Ways to access free period care

In these challenging times, it can be a struggle to afford period care which we understand can be distressing. We believe in period dignity for all. Whilst these essential products are yet to be made available in all public spaces across the UK, there are ways that you can access period care for free. We’ve provided a few options below: 


Across England, Scotland and Wales, schools have access to free period care grants so they can support students. 


You can request free period care products in Lidl Ireland and Morrisons stores across the UK. These are ‘no questions asked’ period dignity initiatives. For Lidl, you’ll need the Lidl Plus App to access free products. In Morrisons, you ask ‘for Sandy’ or a ‘period product pack’ when shopping instore. A member of staff will hand you an envelope with free period products inside. 

Public or council-run initiatives:

If you live in Scotland, then you can access free period care in public spaces across the country. The Government have launched an app called ‘Pickupmyperiod’ which lists 700 locations you can access free products. Outside of Scotland, some counties such as Surrey have also made period care available for free in public sites such as libraries. As this differs by location, an easy way to learn what local period dignity initiatives are available near you, is to Google ‘Free period products’ followed by your local community or nearest city. If you’re based in Wales, then some councils allow you to order free period products thanks to Welsh Government funding. We recommend checking your local council website for more information. 

Food banks:

Community-led food banks are in operating across the UK to support people who’re struggling to afford essentials items, this includes period care.  To find a food bank near you, search websites such as The Trussell Trust where you can look up by postcode. 

Through our Period Dignity Scheme, we are working with organisations to make period products freely available in workplaces and universities across the UK . Leading companies and educational institutions have signed up. This includes Sweaty Betty, Hargreaves Lansdown, Teesside University, Cardiff University SU and Tiny Rebel. If you would like more information, then please reach out to our team. 

How can you support others and donate period care? 

If you are in a position to support others, donations can be a massive help to support period dignity. Donating to your local food bank or supermarket can be a great way to help those in need. Food banks generally prefer for you to donate pads and tampons over reusables. It’s also important to ensure the box is fully sealed.  

You can also donate to In Kind Direct, who are working tirelessly with a network of charities across the UK to provide access to essential goods.  At TOTM, we’re proud to be supporting In Kind Direct and you can donate products directly through our website or via your subscription. Here’s how: 

Gift a box of pads:

When ordering your period care online, you can choose to gift a box of pads at the checkout. We take stock of these donations every quarter to then donate boxes of our pads to In Kind Direct which are made available to their network of UK charities. You can also add this to your subscription (if you have one) as an ongoing donation. 

Donate your next order:

As a subscriber, you can also choose to ‘donate your next order’ if you don’t need a top-up. We’ll donate the equivalent of your total order value in boxes of pads to In Kind Direct as part of our quarterly donation drop. 

If you need more advice on this topic or further tips to save on period care, we’re here. Please feel welcome to contact us directly and we’ll provide assistance wherever we can.  

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