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Why we prefer using pads to tampons : 3 customer stories

Female PoC holding a TOTM organic cotton light flow pad in the wrapper

In this blog, we talk to 3 women who opt for pads on their period over tampons or a menstrual cup and their reasons why.

Periods are personal. Finding what works for YOU is so important. Just like women can feel pressured to look a certain way, there is a lot of pressure on women to use a particular product on their period.

I remember in school, it used to be considered ‘uncool’ if you used pads. Similarly, it can feel like there is a lot of pressure on women to use menstrual cups. Whilst these are amazing due to their environmental benefits and the money they save you, they aren’t for everyone! Some women simply can’t get on with them and others can’t use them due to conditions such as vaginismus. Putting the focus on one particular product can leave some women feeling ashamed and that they can’t participate in the conversation surrounding periods – an essential conversation needed to break the taboo.

One woman in our community who has vaginismus talked about this in detail, saying “I feel like in the enthusiasm surrounding cups (which I totally understand, given that they’re more eco-friendly and cheaper than conventional products), people like me get forgotten. It adds to the pressure for me to not say anything. When advertisements or influencers say that everyone should be using cups, it makes me feel like I’m not normal. It also doesn’t take into consideration people who may not have the kind of mobility required to use cups. Or people who maybe just aren’t comfortable with penetration.”

It’s important for people to have a choice over what they use and that all products are celebrated. Pads don’t get as much attention, which is why these 4 women tell us why they are proud to use pads:

Amy, Cardiff

“I tend to use both pads and tampons. My normal routine is to wear pads at the beginning and end of my period and I always wear pads at night time throughout. I prefer pads to tampons during these times as I feel as though it allows my body to release and flow freely. On my heavier days, or if I’m wearing an outfit that wouldn’t suit pad-friendly underwear I do wear tampons. I always remember being taught not to wear a tampon for longer than 6-8 hours, so just in case I’m lucky enough to get my 8 hours+ sleep, I’d rather be wearing a pad at night time so I don’t have to worry! For me, wearing a pad rarely feels “messy” or “unclean” which is often an opinion I’ve heard about pads. I wear TOTM’s organic cotton pads which are super comfortable, you hardly notice you are wearing one!”


“Since a teen, I have been wary of using tampons as I worry about the health implications of them and if they are the best for my body. I put comfort and secure protection first. I use TOTM pads which are secure and very comfortable! The soft, organic cotton used is perfect for providing comfort.”

Jody, Devon

“After having children I was no longer able to use tampons without them causing irritation and feeling uncomfortable. Making the switch to menstrual pads felt like a HUGE step backwards, as I hadn’t used pads since I first started my period as a 12-year-old. Even then I was quickly encouraged to move over to tampons by my mum! I remember talking to a friend about using pads and her response was “Eww, I couldn’t sit in period blood all day! Doesn’t it feel gross?!” I felt ashamed for not using tampons but unfortunately, there was not a lot I could do…

That’s when I discovered TOTM’s organic pads and it completely changed the way I experienced periods. They absorb really well and I no longer have an icky feeling…This has really helped me to feel more confident when on my period and I am no longer ashamed to be a pad user. In fact, any chance I get to talk about periods, I rave about making the switch back from tampons to pads!”

Huge thank you to these women for sharing their stories with us! You can shop our organic cotton pads here. Join in the conversation on socials and tag us in your #PeriodPowerful posts.

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