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Period tracking 101

Tracking your period, and your menstrual cycle as a whole is like an act of self-care for yourself. If you are wondering where to get started with period tracking, our period coach Katherine is here to give you the lowdown.

There are a range of reasons why you might want to start tracking your cycle if you don’t already, it can be overwhelming to start with so here are some of my top tips to get you started:

Choose your period tracking method

There are plenty of ways to track your cycle, depending on your specific needs.
There is a wide variety of period tracking apps out there that will guide you through the process.
Or if you are more of a pen and paper person, you can create your own period tracking system.
The best way to track your cycle is the way that works best for you.

Consider what you want to get from period tracking

There are so many reasons why you could benefit from period tracking, from trying to conceive to just knowing when to expect your next period. Have a think about what you want to get from this process. What interests you about your cycle? What is going to help you thrive?

Start small

This process can be overwhelming so start small and build from there. Set aside time to spend on period tracking daily or weekly – whenever works best for you. A good starting point could be noting which day you are on, what cycle phase you are in and how you feel (physically and emotionally). As that starts to become routine, you could keep adding information like symptoms you are experiencing, cervical fluid, basal body temperature, sleep, and so on.

Look for patterns

The longer you track, the more you will start to see patterns within your cycle. This helps you support yourself, plan for how you’ll feel at different stages, and be prepared for different symptoms you might experience. If you are living with a menstrual health condition, this information can be really helpful to take to medical appointments to give the healthcare provider a really clear picture of what is happening to you.

Don’t stress

Period tracking doesn’t need to be stressful for you. If it’s becoming that way, look at what is making it stressful and go back to basics if need be. Enjoy the process of really tuning in to the rhythm of your body.

Do you track your period? What are your top tips? Let us know in the comments below or over on Instagram @totmorganic.

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