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Period hacks while travelling

Sunset view travelling on holiday in Varanasi

Mother nature always tends to make an appearance at the times we want to see her least. Often it’s right before a holiday.

Here are our top period hacks for when you’re travelling

The thought of handling a period whilst travelling is not a nice one. But we’re here to save the day. We want to share with you our top period hacks for travelling in comfort during that time of the month. Whether it be flying, long car journeys, trains, boats or bikes – we will have you covered on all forms of transport!


1) Pack your period kit

A period kit will make your life SO much easier. If you’re flying, ensure it’s in your hand luggage. If you’re setting off on a long car journey, ensure it’s not tucked away in the boot of the car. I would recommend including hand sanitiser; PH balanced wipes; bags for disposing of (I recommend these); heat pads and an extra pair of pants. Of course, you will also need to include the products you use, and extras to be safe! This way you’ll never get caught out. The sanitiser and PH balanced wipes will leave you feeling fresh. These are also great when you are travelling around abroad and have no choice but to use a grubby toilet. Bags to dispose of products in are ALWAYS a good idea. That way you don’t have to stress about whether the toilet has a bin or not. You will also then not resort to flushing your products (see why you shouldn’t here). Heat pads are a great way to relieve any cramp or back pains caused by periods. I much prefer them to water bottles as they are subtle and you don’t have to carry them around. Extra underwear is a great idea in case you have any accidental leakages!

I would also suggest ensuring you always have some change on you. In some public toilets abroad or in train stations you have to pay – so better to be safe than sorry!

2) What to wear

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. I cannot tell you enough how much you will thank yourself if you put comfort first when choosing what to wear! Plus, who says comfortable clothes can’t be stylish? I’d recommend a baggy jumpsuit or yoga pants with a big jumper. You don’t want to be stuck on a plane/train/car etc in restricting jeans. If the dreaded bloating gets you down or makes you feel self-conscious, these are also great for hiding it.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and go swimming when you’re on holiday! Opt for dark coloured or patterned bikinis if you worry about leakage. I tend to opt for high waisted bikini bottoms if I’m feeling self-conscious about bloating.

3) Schedule

Make sure you schedule a time to go to the toilet and change your tampon or pad. This doesn’t have to dominate your trip. If you are travelling in a car, pop to the toilet at services while people go for a coffee break. If i’m travelling on a train or plane, I find it easiest to set alarms on my phone so I don’t forget or in case I fall asleep. It’s so so important that you do change it regularly to avoid the risk of toxic shock syndrome! Plus, getting up to go to the toilet will help circulation and give you the chance to stretch.

4) Snacks

Grab yourself some travel snacks in the form of fruit pots, smoothies and packets of seaweed. Seaweed is so high in iron, replacing the iron lost through your bleed. If you can, ensure your fruit pots include pineapple and berries as these are SO good for you. I’ve said it a million times, but pineapple is also the ultimate godsend for cramps if you’re in pain.

Let me know your top travelling tricks to beat mother nature! Tweet me at @totmorganic or leave a comment below x

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