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Debunking 6 menstrual cup myths

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Menstrual cups are fast becoming a popular, zero-waste way to manage periods.

Over the past few years, menstrual cups have been a hot topic, even mentioned in the top-rated apocalyptic HBO series, Last of Us. But from speaking with our community, we know that switching to a cup is nerve-wracking. So, we’re here to debunk the menstrual cup myths.

The menstrual cup difference.

Menstrual cups are reusable and designed to reduce waste. The lifecycle of one menstrual cup can save on average 2640 tampons from landfill per person. This matters as conventional period care products can contain up to 90% plastic. Each year in the UK alone, period care products generate over 200,000 tonnes of waste.

Debunking menstrual cup myths.

Here are 6 common myths that we’re debunking to help out anyone curious about giving a menstrual cup a try:

  • Menstrual cups are uncomfortable.

At first glance, menstrual cups may look like they would be uncomfortable to wear, however, many cup users say the complete opposite. Once you find the right cup and size, it can be game-changing for your period. You can fold the cup up to 8 different ways to insert it. The trick is to learn which fold works best for you and practise a few times, so you get used to it.

  • Menstrual cups are messy.

Once you get the hang of using a menstrual cup, they are no messier than other menstrual products. It is important to remember that, unlike tampons which absorb menstrual flow, cups collect it. To do this, you need to place the cup lower than a tampon. The clever design of the cup makes it easier to take out. When sitting on the toilet, you squeeze the base to release the seal, then gently remove it.

  • Menstrual cups are a new invention.

Menstrual cup magic only hit the mainstream in recent years, but cups have been around for centuries. The idea originated from a patented design in 1867. The design that inspired the menstrual cup as we know it today was invented in 1937 by an American actress called Leona Chalmers.

  • Menstrual cups can get stuck inside you.

Rest assured, it is rare for a menstrual cup to get stuck inside the vagina. If you experience difficulty removing the cup, relax and use the stem to guide it down. Remember, cups create a vacuum or suction effect to stay in place. So, when removing it, you pinch or squeeze the end to break the seal. Due to the anatomy of the vagina, a cup can’t get lost inside you.

  • Menstrual cups are expensive.

The initial upfront cost of a menstrual cup is higher than other period care products. But, in the long run they can save you money. With proper care, you can keep a menstrual cup for up to 10 years. It depends on your flow and personal preference, but some of our customers only use the cup throughout their period. This means they save on products every cycle. You can also pick up a menstrual cup on promotion. Scroll to discover how you can save on our menstrual cups for a limited time 👀

  • Menstrual cups are not hygienic.

A quality menstrual cup is made of medical-grade materials (like TPE or silicone). This means the material has been tested for biocompatibility and safety. A cup made from medical-grade materials can be safely reused if you follow the cleaning instructions. With the TOTM cup, you need to rinse the cup under water when changing it on your period. Then, at the end of every cycle, you sterilise it for 3-5 minutes in boiling water – it’s that easy!

We hope these debunked myths help but drop us a message if you want more support or have questions. Get 20% off our menstrual cups and organic cotton range for limited time only🙌

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