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Giving Back

We’re here to make a difference and through your support we give back to period powerful causes.

We exist to drive change.

Even in 2020, periods remain a taboo subject across the world. Period stigma is fueled by negative attitudes towards menstruation, labeling this natural process as ‘dirty’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘gross.’ This type of language fuels period shame and stigma that contributes to wider issues in society.

"Binti’s vision is to create a world, where all women have menstrual dignity and our collaboration with TOTM, is a significant milestone on this journey."

Purpose-driven period care brand

We’re here to end this silence. We are using our platform to get everyone talking about periods because we believe:

  • Nobody should be shamed for having a period.
  • Everyone should have access to period care.
  • Menstrual wellbeing education should be available to all.
  • More people should be talking about periods.

Periods are a part of life and we want to see this reflected in society.

Proud to give back

Giving back has always been part of what we do. Since launching online in 2016, we’ve donated over £5000 to Gynaecological Cancer Fund and £15,000 to Endometriosis UK, as well as donating pads to inspiring menstrual dignity causes and shelters.

In 2020, we’re excited to continue our support for Endometriosis UK and extend our support for Binti International – Updates coming soon.

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for updates on our give back work.