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7 very real period pain stories

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As a brand, we think it’s important to break down the taboo surrounding period pains.

That’s why we are talking about all different types of period pain and encouraging people to join in the conversation.

Whether it’s menstrual cramps, painful disorders or other period-related pain, talking about these types of pains helps break the silence and can improve education on this topic. This can then go on to improve the quality of life for those suffering in silence.

To help drive the conversation, we spoke to women from our community who have shared…

Real and honest stories about their period pains.

Di Mattos, Gloucestershire

“I had awful period pain every month which I was prescribed painkillers for. When I was 16, I was on my Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition and my period started. I had to keep walking miles with a third of my body weight on my back, so I took my big pills to help with the pain. Not sure if it was the pain, or taking the pills on an empty stomach, or just the circumstances, but I collapsed in a field in the middle of nowhere.

Another walking team managed to get a hold of the farmer whose field we were in. He brought his car to pick me up and take me to my teachers at the next check in place. I didn’t complete the expedition, I was in no fit state to continue so my parents came to get me and take me home.”

Lorna Finney, Sheffield

“From around the age of 14, I experienced agonising periods every month, causing me to pass out and vomit. One month the pain was so bad that I held a boiling hot water bottle on my stomach. I ended up with bright red scald marks on my stomach for days afterwards. All I remember was that the burning pain from the hot water bottle was a nice distraction from the period pain – it sounds crazy now! I lived with these symptoms for 3 yrs before finally seeking medical advice.”

Amy Hawkins, Cardiff

“I get high-intensity cramps that come and go – I call them my contractions. Although, that’s a loose comparison as I’ve never given birth. I can’t imagine how intense real contractions actually are!! All I know is that when my period cramps hit, they have literally stopped me in my tracks walking down the street. I have to stand/sit still, close my eyes, screw up my face, clench my fist and pant like a loon until it passes and then I’m fine! (Until the next one!)

This can be super embarrassing if it happens in work, especially when somebody is in the middle of talking to me. I have to excuse them for a second whilst I screw my face/body up into a ball and breathe through it and then continue as normal! I think the taboo of period struggles does need to end particularly in the workplace so us women don’t have to feel embarrassed about displaying and coping with our pain/symptoms!”

Emily Victoria, Staffordshire

“When I was younger, I started to get really bad period pains which would make me sick. At first, I was diagnosed with a rumbling appendix, but then after I had that removed it became clear there was something else going on.

I had a number of tests to check for Endometriosis. Upon going to the doctor age 14 for my results, he told me they couldn’t tell from an internal ultrasound anyway and the best way to treat period pains was just to “have a baby”. I left with no pain relief, no further tests and after I told her, a pretty furious mother! It took about 10 years following that to finally be taken seriously.”

Hannah Stark, Humberside

“Through school, college and uni I had to run out of many classes and leap out of buses to throw up. I’ve even passed out when walking from the staircase to the shower.

I use an ice pack directly on my skin to try and numb the pain. I get so hot on the first day that I’ve never considered using a hot water bottle. Something super cold from the freezer is most effective. It started with a cold flannel and sitting outside in the winter months for hours at the age of 12, but those didn’t stop the pain. Contraception has helped a lot along with really light yoga.”


Rachel Owen, Cardiff

“I experience cramps in the run-up to my period. Some months are worse than others – when the pain is bad I get headaches and nausea along with pain. It can be hard to concentrate in work, but I find eating fresh food and keeping up my exercise regime helps.”

Abbie H, Cardiff

“When I was 14 my period pains became horrendous. I went into school and felt the build up getting worse and worse, painkillers weren’t touching it. I went to the school nurse and buckled. Apparently, my lips had gone grey. Everyone was convinced I was having a miscarriage, they didn’t believe it could just be period pain. They called paramedics who had me on gas and air.

When I was taken to the hospital, they kept checking to see if I was secretly pregnant. I kept telling them it was just my period! They told me that what I was experiencing was like labour contractions and to go on the pill.”

We want to hear your stories! Share your period pain stories with us to be featured across our social channels and help us break the taboo surrounding period pain. Leave a comment below or tweet us @totmorganic!

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