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Customer Testimonial

“The products arrived very quickly which I was pleased about – particularly with the recyclable containers… I have received very positive responses from students and staff at the university who are impressed with the quality of the products.”

Why Provide Period Care?

Getting caught short on your period at work is an uncomfortable and stressful situation. Tampons and pads are essential items. We're on a mission to make these readily available in workplaces!

Our workplace box has been designed for period powerful employers looking to support menstrual health and wellness. On an Instagram poll (215 consumers), 93% said they would like their employers to provide free period care in toilets.

TOTM model holding organic cotton tampon

Employee Testimonial

“When you work for a company that starts to trial providing free organic sustainable femcare for its employees… you know you’ve picked a pretty awesome place to work.”

How It Works

Our workplace boxes are designed to fit in a unit (made from recycled materials). The refillable unit can hold 3 boxes, a mix of tampons and pads. Place the workplace boxes in the unit and fold back the top to reveal important product information and ingredients.

When an inner box is empty, you simply recycle and replace.

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Tampons for work bathroom

Why go organic?

TOTM organic period care is naturally soft, absorbent and comfortable.

Our tampons, pads and liners are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. Free from rayon, wood pulp, fragrance/perfumes and chlorine bleach.

Plastic pollution is an environmental issue. To protect the planet we use cardboard applicators and compostable biofilm pad wrappers.

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