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TOTM Customers Stories



“After years of using the ‘big brands,’ I started to think that the pain and discomfort were unavoidable and even worse that it was normal. I came across TOTM when searching for greener alternatives to everyday products and I had started to develop major concerns about putting bleached products (and all the chemicals that come with them) inside my body. After the rave reviews online I decided to try them out.

All most instantly I felt less discomfort and less pain inside. The itching I had experienced during my period for years and years was gone!… I will definitely be trying more of the range this month! “

Hannah uses our organic cotton cardboard applicator tampons.




“I am very aware of the effects of plastic and products that have little to none biodegradable qualities. I wanted to do my bit to make sure my child has a beautiful world to grow up in!

Thank you for creating this product…100% improvement in comfort and I feel good about doing something good for our planet “

Jenni uses our organic cotton super flow pads.



“I wanted to reduce the amount of disposable & plastic products I use. I also hated the thought of all the chemicals in usual period products. This one popped up on my newsfeed and I instantly loved the fact it was organic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly.

I won’t go back to using any other products! I really love my new cup and also love the TOTM liners that I got for free on offer with my cup (but will definitely order these again!) they work perfectly together but I could easily use the cup on its own too.”

Donna uses our size 3 menstrual cup.

95%* of our customers felt like making the switch to TOTM had a positive impact on their body and the environment. You can try a selection of our organic cotton range for just £2 with a TOTM sample pack.



*Statistic is taken from 2019 TOTM customer survey of 345 respondents