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Top 6 period essentials for the Summer

The summer is here – hooray! Hot weather, trips away and all the usual summer fun. This season also brings forth new challenges when it comes to managing your period.

We’ve put together this handy list of our top 6 period essentials for the summer months:

Coconut water: To soothe cramps

This delicious summery drink not only gives you a taste of far-away shores with every sip, but it’s also super period-friendly. Coconut water is hydrating and packed full of electrolytes. During the warm summer months, it’s important to stay hydrated. Lack of hydration can actually worsen period cramps! Coconut water can keep your hydration levels in check, plus it’s high in potassium – another mineral that can help soothe cramps.

Period care: Period-friendly alternatives

An obvious choice, but we’re talking about alternative period care. If you use tampons, pads or liners, try switching to organic cotton. We might be biased, but anecdotally people who use organic cotton period care say they find it more breathable, comfortable and feel fresher. Organic cotton products are pH-neutral and kind to your vagina. As organic cotton is a natural fibre, it allows airflow between its weave. The summer is the perfect time to switch, especially if you experience an uncomfortable ‘sweaty’ feeling with regular pads and liners or irritation/itching from regular tampons.

The menstrual cup (if you’re considering a reusable) is another on our list of period essentials for the summer. Cups are hassle-free (nothing to dispose of) and are ideal for summer events such as camping trips or festivals.

Magnesium: Top up your levels without running a bath

Magnesium is always one of our period essentials (more on that here). Alongside enjoying magnesium-rich foods, a popular way to absorb magnesium into the body to soothe PMS pains is with a magnesium salt bath. But who wants a hot bath in the summer? Plus, it’s a difficult one if you’re heading on holiday or if you’re going to a festival.

Good news for magnesium fans, you can get magnesium sprays! This is a period essential for the summer because it’s handy, convenient and you don’t need to stew in a hot bath. Simply spray on the desired area (wherever you’re getting cramps) and massage into the skin for a few minutes. Your skin will naturally absorb the nutrients.

Cacao energy balls: A quick way to nourish your body

When the weather is warm, people naturally want to get outside more. This can mean busy days out making the most of the weather. If you get tired and lethargic during your period, then these cacao energy balls by Deliciously Ella are ideal to keep you going.

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, can satisfy sugar cravings (win, win) and give you a natural energy boost. These energy balls are easy to make and can keep for up to a week. Enjoy them every time you fancy a period-friendly energising pick-me-up. No need to miss out on the summer events and you can even take them out on-the-go with you!

The beach jumpsuit: Comfort and cover at the beach

Next on our list of period summer essentials is the beach jumpsuit. This is one if you’re heading to the beach and just want a comfortable yet summery outfit when on your period. Beach jumpsuits are generally loose fitting and floaty, so your body can breathe if you are feeling bloated.

A side note, they also are a great cover-up choice for a stylish way to protect your skin from the sun (because even when wearing SPF, it’s important to give your skin a break during peak sun times).

Aloe vera skin care: For when hormonal skin gets sweaty!

If you suffer from hormonal breakouts then you might find this gets worse during hot, summer months! This is because hormonal changes prompt your sebaceous glands to go into overdrive, producing more oil. Combine this with natural perspiration caused by sitting in a hot stuffy room and it increases the change of trapping bacteria in your pores.

You might find you’ll need to switch up your skincare routine if your skin is really struggling. Products containing antibacterial ingredients such as neem can help. But if you just want some skin TLC to soothe and prevent hormonal breakouts, aloe-vera is a good choice. It is naturally antibacterial, so prevents bacteria from growing. It’s also soothing and gentle on skin.  Try applying an aloe vera face mask in the evening to soothe your skin after a long, hot day.

These are our top of 6 period essentials for the summer, what are yours? Drop us a comment below or chat with us on socials – @totmorganic. We might just share your tip on our channels!



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