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As a small, eco-conscious brand we are phasing out our old branded packaging as we switch to the new packaging shown on our website.  Please be aware, you will receive boxes with our old branding to not waste these resources. This does not affect the pack content or product. Thank you for your patience!

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Subscription Service

Skip those last-minute shopping trips. Make your tampons + pads come to you!

The subscription service that changes how you manage your period

Our organic cotton tampons, pads are available on subscription!

We deliver your chosen period care products when you need them. You can choose the date, choose the location and change your order settings anytime.

There’s no extra fee, contract or commitment. You get your products when you need them and if you need to skip, pause or cancel orders this can all be managed through your account.

Plus, soon you will get exclusive loyalty rewards for being a TOTM subscriber! More info coming soon.

“Give back with every order! For every box sold, we donate 10p to Endometriosis UK”

How it works

Choose your products

Shop our organic cotton period care, includes tampons, pads and liners in a range of absorbencies. All of our products are free-from rayon, fragrance, deodorants, dyes and chlorine bleach. They are designed to be kind to your body and the planet.

Choose what you need based on your menstrual flow. Remember, you get free shipping with 2 items or more!

Set up your repeat order subscription

At the checkout, simply opt for a ‘repeat order subscription.’ Here you can set the delivery dates, frequency and tell us where you would like us to send your products. Don’t worry, you can change this later!

Your first order will ship soon after your order has been placed. All future orders will arrive according to the dates set up in your subscription account.

Manage your period care subscription

Your subscription orders can be managed through your TOTM account. You can adjust the delivery date, product selection and shipping address whenever you need to make changes. You can also choose to pause or cancel orders if you would like. We get that situations change so have designed our service to be completely flexible.

Reap the rewards of being a TOTM subscriber

TOTM loyalty scheme launching in September 2018. But we do currently offer a refer-a-friend scheme. Get a £5 voucher for every friend you refer!

Giving back with every box!

We are proud to give back with every purchase.

With every box sold online, we donate 10p to Endometriosis UK, a leading charity providing information and support to those living with endometriosis. More information can be found here.