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Our story

What makes us a period powerful company? Find out about us and our mission to change attitudes towards periods and menstrual health.

Show us what you’re made of

Mainstream brands are not required to list product ingredients. So, we did some digging and made it our mission to expose the truth about tampons.

It was time for transparency and we wanted to make a difference. TOTM launched in 2016 with a vision to change how we manage our periods and understand our menstrual health. We’re on a mission to end the silence surrounding periods and provide more natural and sustainable period care. There’s so much work to be done in this space and although we’re a small team (based in Wales, UK) we’re a powerful one!

Being Period Powerful

We want to help you to take power over your period. We’re passionate about growing a community of period pioneers! Together we can break the outdated period taboo, talk openly about menstrual health/wellness and modernise how we manage our periods.

Our range will continue to grow, and our unique subscription service will develop. But our period pioneers will always be at heart of what we do. The TOTM story is constantly evolving as you’re a key part of it.

Making A Difference

Change is needed, and we’re keen to make a difference. We do this by raising awareness, starting important conversations and giving back to causes close to our heart (in 2019 we’re supporting Endometriosis UK). For more information on how we’re improving lives, read here.