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Our story

Making periods healthier, and more hassle-free! We’re on a mission to disrupt ‘the norm’ and change attitudes towards periods.

Show us what you’re made of

Mainstream brands are not required to list product ingredients. So, we did some digging and exposed the truth about tampons. Our first question, why isn’t this information out there for all to see?

It was time for transparency. We saw an opportunity to disrupt what we had all accepted to be ‘the norm.’ We wanted to give people a healthier, more ethical choice. You deserve better, your body deserves better. When talking about natural and organic, we often think about food, clothing or cosmetics. Tampons often get overlooked. After learning the truth about tampon ingredients, we saw that things needed to change. The vagina is highly absorbent and absorbs directly into the bloodstream. It’s important to consider what you use or put down there. Put simply, it’s important to ‘be kinder to your vagina.’

Modernising periods

Periods can be an inconvenience. Yes, we said what we’re all thinking. Periods can turn up unexpectedly, even if you’re tracking your cycle. For modern convenience, we wanted to provide an online service and option to set up repeat orders. Putting an end to last-minute trips to the local store, for a more hassle-free period. We call our repeat ordering customers our squad of Period Pioneers!

We’re trying to modernise periods with more than technology! We have learnt a lot about our planet in the last few decades and how to protect it. Conventional period products are stuck in the past. Back when we didn’t realise how much landfill waste and environmental damage can impact our future. That’s why we are proud to offer eco-friendlier alternatives. Making these essential items more fitting with a modern, conscious lifestyle.

Fighting back

Period shame still exists all over the world and we want to fight back. For years manufacturers have ‘got away’ with using unnecessary ingredients in tampons and pads. Why? Possibly because we do not talk openly about periods. Periods are still a taboo topic. The more we talk, the more we learn, and this can help improve menstrual health all over the world. We proudly talk about periods and educate our customers. We work with a consultant

We proudly talk about periods and educate our customers. We work with a consultant gynaecologist to provide accurate, honest information. Our ‘Be Kinder To Your Vagina’ slogan proudly uses the V word, not to shock, but to normalise. After all, vagina is not a swear word.

Breaking the rules and switching things up! We are on a mission to make periods healthier, eco-friendlier and a little more hassle-free.

We're proud of our

100% organic, cruelty-free, biodegradable tampons, pads and liners