Natural, healthy & better for the planet

Better for your body.

Tampons, pads and liners have been around since the 1930s. And most are still made from the same man-made materials used back then - rayon and viscose.

While we might wear synthetic clothing, it isn’t ideal for putting inside you. Especially if it’s treated with chlorine dioxide or chemical fertilisers. Your vagina is the most absorbent part of your body, and these harsh chemicals can be absorbed into your blood stream and cause problems with your immune system and hormones. They've even been linked to reproductive issues and cancer.

Pads can also be made from synthetics, and each one could contain as much plastic as four carrier bags. Crazy but true.


Hypoallergenic and in sync with your body’s natural pH.

No chemicals.

No rayon, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, perfumes or dyes.

No bleach.

We do not use chlorine dioxide to bleach our products.

100% cotton.

We only use 100% pure certified organic cotton.

A tailor made service to suit your period.

You don’t have to subscribe, but it makes your life easier if you do.

  • 1Pick your products & choose a delivery date to suit your cycle or place a one-off order.
  • 2We’ll send them straight to your door in discreet, eco-friendly mailing bags.
  • 3You can make changes whenever you like, pause or cancel your order at any time.

Easy to order, arrived quickly, no fuss!

Rebecca Freeman


Better for the planet.

Our tampons are 100% biodegradable, which means they dissolve naturally in landfills. By contrast, some mainstream products can take hundreds of years to biodegrade!

Unlike many other brands, we would never use chemically treated wood pulp – it’s a process that wastes 50% of the tree. We only use natural, organic cotton.

And what’s more, because cotton is the most chemically sprayed and genetically modified crop in the world, we make sure we only use non-GM, certified organic cotton grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

We do not use cellulose pulp, which is obtained from felling trees in rainforests.

Our products are biodegradable and dissolve naturally in landfills.


Where it all began.

We created TOTM back in 2012 to help bring organic cotton tampons, pads and liners to women across the world. We think that ALL women should have access to these products, regardless of where they live and where they shop. Which is the reason why a subscription service was so important to us. Most mainstream brands are manufactured from man-made materials full of chemicals that are harmful to the women who use them, as well as to the planet. These horrifying facts led us to think about our own daughters. How would we feel if they were harmed by using conventional brands?

TOTM really puts women's health at the heart of things, and makes times of the month as hassle-free as possible. Through TOTM we are able take some of the irritation out of women’s periods with high quality, natural organic cotton products delivered direct to your door, just when you need them. 

Saint and Kate. 

I was motivated to develop a brand I’d be happy for my daughter to use.

St. John Burke

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