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Super Plus Tampons

10 organic cotton applicator tampons


100% non-GM organic cotton tampons

100% biodegradable cardboard applicator

100% free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, rayon, viscose, chlorine or perfume

Hypoallergenic and compatible with your body’s pH

Non-woven veil wrapped around the absorbent core to stop fibres from shedding inside you

No chemicals

No rayon, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, perfumes or dyes.


Hypoallergenic and in sync with your body’s natural pH.

No bleach

We do not use chlorine dioxide to bleach our products.

100% cotton

We only use 100% pure certified organic cotton.

You wouldn't knowingly rub chemicals all over your face. So why put them inside you?

Did you know?

Gynaecologists and midwives recommend the use of natural cotton products during your period.