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Our Period Powerful Pioneers

Let’s change how we think about, talk about and care about periods. To drive change and raise awareness we’re working with 7 inspirational period pioneers.


In 2018 we’re facing challenges when it comes to our menstrual health and wellness. With the help of our pioneers, we’re starting a Period Powerful movement. We want to inspire you to take back the power.

Standing for change…

Our pioneers are all working hard to make a difference. Whether that’s by tackling period taboos or making efforts to improve reproductive health education in the UK. Scroll down to meet our pioneers…

“Periods are powerful! Honestly, I am amazed at what my body can do each month, and it takes a lot of strength." – Emily Hoyle, The Good Blood

Jaimee Rae McCormack

Jaimee is a passionate Endo warrior, who founded the Endo Wall: Rising Awareness project. After suffering through 15 years of misdiagnosis (crazy, we know), Jaimee saw that there was a desperate need to raise awareness of his life-changing, chronic condition. She created an Endometriosis awareness mural on the wall of her house, using cans of spray paint. This lead to her story going viral! Jaimee is on a mission to bring together a community and raise awareness of Endometriosis to hopefully build more Endo Walls all over the world. A reminder to everyone that ‘Endometriosis Exists.’

Get to know Jaimee: Read Q&A

Saschan Fearon-Josephs

Saschan is the ultimate role-model and girl boss! After undergoing life-saving surgery to remove a fluid-filled cyst, and getting a diagnosis of Endometriosis, Saschan started The Womb Room. What initially started as a blog, has now thrived into a social enterprise. The Womb Room provides training and education to help increase awareness from an early age, with the hope of empowering young people to spot the signs and symptoms of reproductive health problems. The Womb Room provides events to connect women and menstruators with professionals across the reproductive health sector.

Get to know Saschan: Read Q&A

Laura Murphy

Laura is a dedicated PMDD awareness campaigner and founder of Vicious Cycle: Making PMDD Visible. This project is all about raising awareness of PMDD and arming sufferers with knowledge and tools to get treatment and support. Alongside running this amazing project, Laura is also on the board for the Gia Allemand Foundation. A Foundation that believes in the fundamental right for women, trans-men, and non-binary individuals assigned female at birth to receive an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and social support for reproductive mental health and illness. Laura is a passionate, dedicated and continues to amaze us with her amazing work.

Get to know Laura: Read Q&A

Fiona Munnelly

Pioneering activist Fiona, started up the Periods in Poverty campaign to help others take power over their periods. The campaign helps those in need menstruate with dignity, by providing period care products to those who cannot afford them. Periods in Poverty have set up collection points across Cardiff (where TOTM are based) to gather donations for refuge centres, homeless shelters and charities across Wales! Fiona also speaks out about social and political areas in this space including period poverty and gender-inclusive periods.

Get to know Fiona:  Read Q&A

Emily Hoyle

Super-talented Emily started up The Good Blood, a Period Power Project designed to challenge the period taboo. The project aims to remove the shame/stigma of periods to replace it with pride and power! The Good Blood have a range of badges and tees to signify periods. Wear with pride to show there ain’t no shame in the period game.  Emily is currently studying her MA in Women’s Studies so watch this space for more taboo-breaking and pioneering developments!

Get to know Emily:  Read Q&A

Angelique Panagos

Angelique is a registered Nutritional Therapist and author of ‘The Balance Book’ – a plan to help people understand and support their hormonal health. Angelique was the nutritional expert for series one of ITV’s hit show, Sugar-Free Farm and has also shared her expertise on ITV’s This Morning and BBC’s Inside the factory.  Angelique has exceptional insights on menstrual health and wellbeing. Her open, honest and straight-forward approach is refreshingly real. Angelique openly shares her own health journey having been diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis and Hashimotos.

Get to know Angelique: Read Q&A

Phoebee Banbury

Inspirational Phoebee hit headlines in 2017 after sharing her story of surviving Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).  TSS is a rare but life-threatening condition, therefore, Phoebee’s story is an important one to be told. Currently a 3rd-year pharmacist, Phoebee is on a mission to raise awareness and help others better understand how to prevent and spot TSS. In the future, Phoebee hopes to continue to share her story and raise awareness.

Get to know Phoebee: Read her story


What can you expect from our Period Powerful Pioneers?

Throughout 2018 we’ll be working with our pioneers to bring you inspirational stories, insights and lots of awareness! Join in the conversations and be a part of the community by following us on socials. Also, you can discover you full campaign here.