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It’s Time to Talk Periods…#TalkingPeriods

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know we are big advocates for shunning period shame and losing the taboo. It’s no secret that periods are unfortunately a social stigma globally.


The Period Taboo:

Each day we read stories about individuals made to feel ashamed for having periods. We hear about the embarrassment some individuals feel when on their period. We witness negativity towards individuals who experience common things such as period leakage. And we hear about women choosing to hide their tampons up their sleeves when in public environments. Periods are natural and they are normal. So why does shame surround them?


Why we Should Stop the Silence:

It’s so important for women to discuss menstruation. It’s crucial for our self-esteem and to also protect the younger generation from anxiety about getting their period. The silence surrounding periods also means we just ‘deal with periods’.  Many women suffer with period related discomfort and symptoms in silence. Women can also ignore potential health warnings, which can be detrimental to their health. This can be a health disorder such as Endometriosis, or a life-threatening disease such as Ovarian Cancer.


Talking Periods:

We want to encourage open, honest conversations about periods. No-one should feel embarrassed to chat with doctors/friends/relatives etc about their period. We are all in this together and we can learn from each other.

We’ve decided to meet conversation with action and launch a #TalkingPeriods campaign. We’ve paired with a range of real-life bloggers who share our passion for losing the taboo. Together we will be ‘’normalising’ period talk  by discussing all things period-related. Funny period stories, worst ever periods, period hacks and loads more. Everything will be honest, open and transparent.

This campaign is so important to us. We encourage you all to get involved using the hashtag #TalkingPeriods. If you join in the campaign then you could also win* a 6-month TOTM subscription plus one of our popular cosmetic mirrors! Simply share your story or thoughts on the taboo, and remember to use the hashtag #TalkingPeriods. Let’s discuss periods and make menstruation mainstream. And in the words of Saloni, “If you try to hush-hush us, we’ll only scream louder”.

*To enter the competition we’re asking for users to share a period related tip or story on either Twitter (tweet) or Instagram (post) using the hashtag #TalkingPeriods. All uses of the hashtag will be monitored and logged by TOTM to enter users into a competition. Comments and replies using the hashtag will not be counted as an entry. The winner will receive a 6-month subscription to TOTM (6 cycles, maximum of 3 products p/cycle) plus a single ‘Be Kinder To Your Vagina’ cosmetic mirror. The competition closes at midnight on 22nd October 2017. The winner will be selected at random and announced on social media. TOTM will attempt to contact the winner directly. The winner will need to respond to provide product needs and address details. All products must be claimed by 31st December 2018. TOTM has the right to withdraw this competition and any further promotions at any time and without permission or notice.

2 comments on “It’s Time to Talk Periods…#TalkingPeriods”

  • Hey TOTM

    This is an absolutely amazing campaign idea. We couldn’t agree more with every point that you’ve made. It’s just so terribly sad that in 2017, a time marked by so much social change, women still feel uncomfortable talking about something that is one of the most fundamental aspects of being female. The taboo and social stigma surrounding open discussion is also extremely hard to fully understand because there are so many underlying factors which culminate together to produce what is one of the most long lasting social stigmas.

    We also believe that increasing open discussion about periods is a great way to really get women to start being proud of their period. Because at the end of the day, as you already highlighted, menstruation is such an important issue and it really does matter. Our website is also dedicated to the same issue, it’s all about periods all the time. Through the sharing of period-related information and personal stories we hope to create an environment where women feel they can talk about periods without feeling the embarrassment and shame that society has ingrained in us through years of teaching us to be discreet about our periods.

    We would absolutely love the opportunity to collaborate with you on this campaign. Normalising period talk is something that can only lead to positive outcomes and we would love to help you do this!
    Love, Cycle Sisters: Live Together, Bleed Together

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    Website: https://cyclesisterslivetogetherbleedtogether.wordpress.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyclesisterslivetogetherbleedtogether/
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