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Why go organic

Why switch to organic cotton? Learn all about organic cotton and how it compares to conventional cotton.

The rise of organic cotton

Organic cotton is in demand. People all over the world are changing their buying habits, but why are they choosing to switch?

Conventional cotton is the world’s ‘dirtiest crop’. This label is a result of the farming processes used to produce it. It has a larger environmental impact that affects the future of our planet and natural life. Organic cotton is a more sustainable and ethical alternative.

"Harmful ingredients can cause skin irritation and pose long-term health risks."

Better for your body

Organic cotton contains fewer pesticides than conventional cotton. It is grown without the use of toxic chemicals and has no GM materials or artificial additives. The synthetic substances found in conventional cotton can pose a health risk. It’s advisable to limit your exposure. Especially near sensitive parts of the body (like the vagina). These harmful ingredients can cause skin irritation and pose long-term health risks.

Organic cotton is a pure, natural alternative. Many people also find it more breathable and softer against the skin.

Better for the environment

By going organic you’re making an eco-friendlier choice. Conventional cotton farming methods impact the environment, wildlife, and farmer well-being. Did you know 3,000,000 people suffer the effects of pesticides poisoning each year?

Organic cotton respects the natural environment. Organic agriculture aims to protect wildlife, farmer’s health, and biodiversity. Organic farming makes every effort to respect the future of the planet. It uses less water during production, fewer pesticides, and more sustainable practice.

TOTM products use 100% certified organic cotton. We’re proud to offer a range of tampons, pads, and liners that are an eco-friendlier, healthier choice. Many leading gynaecologists recommend using organic cotton femcare.