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Let’s change how we think about, talk about and care about periods.

In 2018 we’re facing challenges when it comes to our menstrual health and wellness. We’re talking about period products with unknown ingredients, lengthy diagnosis times for conditions that affect a large portion of our menstruating population and young people skipping school as a result of not being able to access tampons or pads.

With the help of our team of Period Powerful Pioneers, we’re starting a period powerful movement. We want to inspire you to take back the power.

Follow the campaign, join in the conversation and be #PeriodPowerful.

Meet the Pioneers


Fed up with suffering with period pains in silence Emily set out to challenge the period taboo. Emily runs The Good Blood. A project set to empower others through clothing that proudly symbolise periods.

Meet Emily

Jaimee Rae

Since being diagnosed with Endometriosis after 15 years of misdiagnosis, Jaimee is raising awareness of the condition with a visual art project, The Endo Wall: Rising Awareness Project.

Meet Jaimee


Fiona started up Periods in Poverty, to advocate donation points in female and gender-neutral toilets. This initiative donates period care products to charities and shelters.

Meet Fiona


Laura shares her own story of living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) to raise awareness and passionately campaign for PMDD awareness. Laura runs the Vicious Cycle project and also supports the Gia Allemand Foundation.

Meet Laura


After suffering with reproductive health complications (uterine fibroids and Endometriosis) Saschan started The Womb Room, an organisation dedicated to educating and empowering others on reproductive health.

Meet Sashcan

"Periods are powerful! Honestly I am amazed at what my body can do each month, and it takes a lot of strength."

#PERIODPOWERFUL : Behind the Scenes

#PERIODPOWERFUL : Behind the Scenes


“Talking about what we are going through because of our period takes us out of that forced stigma. When we begin to smash the silence through conversations we are thriving for better liveable worlds – for everyone!”

Standing for a #PeriodPowerful Future

Improved menstrual education

Improved menstrual education


“It’s important to empower young people to spot the signs and symptoms of reproductive health problems. In the long run, this will help them to improve their quality of life by improving diagnosis times.”

Product transparency and choice

Product transparency and choice


“Only 6.55% of women received education and information about what period care products are made from as a teenager”

Product transparency and choice
Dignity for all

Dignity for all


“People are having to choose between eating or having their dignity. These all have consequential factors, risking health, education and wellbeing for the most marginalised individuals.”

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